Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the in-person AP English Language and Composition class be located?

The class will be located in York Region (Richmond Hill or Markham). We are waiting to solidify enrollment numbers before finalizing the exact location, in order to ensure it’s convenient for parents and students.

What is the refund policy for the AP English Language and Composition class?

If students aren’t satisfied after the first class, they can cancel their registration and get a full refund. We also provide refunds if the finalized class timing doesn’t match your schedule (although we will try our best to ensure that it does). From the beginning of the second class onwards, there are no refunds.

How will the online class be conducted?

The online class will be held over Zoom. We will run it as a virtual classroom, with live activities, interactive lectures, and supervised writing sessions. In order for the virtual classroom to work right, students will be expected to sign in with working mics and to have cameras on at all times, with their faces visible. Students will also need a stable internet connection during class time. We take the safety and quality of our virtual classroom environment seriously, and therefore can’t allow students without mics and cameras to enter.

What happens if I register for the course and miss a class?

If students miss a class, they will still have access to the lesson materials and weekly reading, and will have the opportunity to catch up. Depending on enrollment numbers and class timings, in-person students may be able to make up their missed lesson by attending the equivalent class number in the online session.